Working hand in hand, sales and marketing at intralink aim to increase awareness, sales competence and enthusiasm for its product line both internally and among its customer base. Clear Communication is considered to be the most important thing in the sales process and more stress is given on it. Planning and execution of marketing activities is coordinated on Nashik city sales.

The company has focused on products ranging from Hard Disk Drives , Keyboards , Mouse , Speakers , USB Flash Drives , CPUs, CD ROM Drives, Display Cards, Floppy Disk Drives, Laptops and Desktop Computers from vendor partners such as Samsung , Western Digital , hp, Intel , LG , Compaq , lenovo, AMD, VIA, Seagate , Maxtor, Hitachi, Fujitsu, Epson, etc.

The main customer base consists of small, medium and large banking and corporate, Education sector, Government sector.

why Intralink?

The company places heavy importance on service& support, quality control and safeguard controls. Each of our products is designed by renowned manufacturers and with original parts from reputed suppliers. Our policy is to provide the customer with the best product without compromising on the quality at affordable prices. The company offers excellent after sales services & warranty as per the product manufacturer’s policy.

  • Intralink is largest company in Computer sales & service
  • We have a team of over 20 Specalised Engg
  • CCNA, MCSE, Printers and Server Experts
  • Over 75 medium sized to 75 large size customer base